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The curriculum is built upon the three goals which cater to all the domains of development. The early learning outcomes to be achieved by the children, the pedagogical processes to be used by the teachers and the key skills and concepts to be focused are suggested for the effective execution of the curriculum.

GOAL 1 - Children maintain good health and wellbeing.
GOAL 2 - Children become effective communicators.
GOAL 3 - Children are involved learners and connect with their immediate environment.

The curriculum will be inculcated through learning centres like art area/sculpting, music, dance, literacy (library-read aloud and picture talk) provided with manipulatives, materials, books etc.


We at Olive Trails IS aim to inculcate a holistic (whole child) education design program that connects to all the areas of a child's life, and recognizes that all aspects of a child's growth are interconnected. This includes the child's social/emotional, cognitive, and physical well-being.

Olive Trails IS provides a broad holistic and international educational framework for scaffolding young minds with knowledge, skills, humanistic values and learning experiences befitting the 21st Century learners. By individualizing learning in a state of art infrastructure, students are enabled to be lifelong learners, critical thinkers, and innovators, creative and ethical students with a global outlook.

Unit of Inquiry are rooted in the children's natural curiosity about the world around them.